Brand and Philosophy

Stef and Christine ScandellaFascinated by the culture, tradition, customs and philosophy of Asia, Stef and Christine Scandella launches in 2012 their first watch collection.

Scandella Swiss Diamond Watches is a great fusion of trend, coolness and strong symbols, mystery and beliefs. Inspired by the mythical Dragon, which symbolizes the guardian of our human beings and brings luck, harmony and prosperity the Dragon Collection is created. The dragon is one of the most complex and powerful creatures in Chinese culture. The power of the Dragon is strengthened by the beauty of the diamond, which inlays in each bezel of the watch.

It originates from the legend  “Hua Long Dian Jing”, that is to say, to bring the painted dragon to life by putting the pupils in its eyes. The ultimate purpose of our design is to bring this Dragon Guardian close to you, for as long as you believe.